Vintage Metal Button Set


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オリジナル 鉄製ボタン セット


素材:鉄 100% | | サイズ:大 16mm, 小 14mm | MADE IN JAPAN (日本製)


1900 – 1910年というジーンズの歴史始めの頃にリーバイスやノンパレイルといったトップブランドのジーンズに使われていた特徴ある柄のボタンです。オリジナルのボタンから型を取っており、市場には全く流通していないため、初めてご覧になる方も多い方と思います。こちらは、専用の鉄製の足との組み合わせで実際にご使用いただけます。








Genuine Reproduction Iron Button Set


We found a Metal Button adjusted on Nonpareil Jeans and Levis Jeans which were made in 1900 – 1910s. It has very unique design. Soon after starting research of the button production, it was made of genuine iron and any companies doesn’t make jeans buttons with iron. After 1 year, we found a small factory that made iron Bottons long time ago in Japan. We tried to make it together again from making Mold with sample button. After a few sample production, we finally succeeded in making exactly same metal button.


We hope we could bring this designers, collectors who love American vintage clothing.
We now started to selling the button online now. Each pack includes 10 set of large size buttons (16mm) and 10 set of small size buttons (14mm).


Disclaimer : These buttons are made of genuine iron 100%. So some of buttons may be rusty. It is standard quality of the buttons. We cannot take return and exchange for any of troubles.


Also we are happy to take custom order with your designs. All buttons made in small factory in Japan. Please ask anything if you are interested in the button. custom@ryman.jp